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Seat Sanitizer Spray 100ml

Code: ABC-SSS-001


  • Deep cleaning agent
  • Especially conceived for both leather and fabric covers
  • Environmental friendly
  • Odorless
  • 100ml size
  • Pack of 2 pieces


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The FLY SAFE Seat Sanitizing spray is a special product to sanitize aircraft passenger seat surfaces before seating.
The FLY SAFE Seat Sanitizing spray is an hydrogen-peroxide-based cleaning and disinfectant product that removes/kills germs from surfaces. Just few sprinkles are sufficient to achieve a fully sanitized seat just before seating.
FLY SAFE Spray is especially conceived for aircraft cabin use and is suitable for both leather and fabric seat covers.
The FLY SAFE Spray is an environmentally friendly product (biodegradability more than 97%) and is smell-less. It does not stain or leave any halo on exposed surfaces upon spraying it.
Thanks to the transparent 100 ml container, the FLY SAFE Seat Sanitizing can be easily brought onboard and used directly by passengers also on all other seat exposed surfaces, including armrest and tray table.